Three Reasons Why You Need to Set Goals

The Power of Focus 

Goals helps you stay focused and directed to the objects of your desires. Goals can be stepping stones on our path to our ideal vision or dreams. They provide a sense of direction and a physical path to our dreams. They can also serve as milestones on our road to our vision. Goal-setting is something that I have now done for years and through experience I can confidently say that it is the most effective way to get results. If you currently do not set goals for yourself. Start immediately to set goals. If long range goals are an issue, start small. Remember, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”- Lao-tzu. You can set a daily or weekly goal and it does not have to be huge life changing goals, it can be as a simple as: completing one important priority today or going to gym this week. If you do not achieve your goals do not get discouraged it is a process of learning. Try to understand why your goals might not have worked, set new goals and try different plans until you succeed. This is where your ability to persist is required. I have failed to achieve several goals in the past but each time I did I learned something new. I learned invaluable lessons and implemented them, so the next time I can be more effective.

The Role of Fear in Setting Goals

Fear plays a critical role in goal-setting. Some people make the mistake of not setting goals because of criticism from others. I will tell you now that if you truly want something and go after it, no matter what it is, there will always be criticism from others. The people around you want you to stay the same because it makes them feel comfortable. Most people resist change and do not like change.  Also, if you set goals that stretch you will have a natural tendency to resist it yourself and remain in your comfort zone. You must develop the courage to face your fears and take consistent action towards that thing which you fear so that you can grow.

Goals Keep You Energized!

Like any sports game, the goal is to win. Professional sports players try to win even when there is only a few seconds left on the clock and there is not even the slightest chance of winning. However, time and time again, teams have been able to win with only a few seconds remaining on the clock. Goals provide the motivation to “stay in the game” even when the possibility of winning is low. Goals help you jump out of bed motivated to start the day. Goals gives you the vitality to endure difficult situations and persist. In our sales office, we have sales quotas, the last few days of every month- we do everything and anything we can to makes sales and hit quota. Operating out of our current standards will not bring much fulfillment or excitement in our lives. As human beings, our fundamental nature wants us to grow and expand. Whatever it is that we do, we want to be able to do better. Having goals helps us aim higher.



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