Marketing for Kickboxing Schools – Grow Your Dojo!

Kickboxing is a fun and effective way to stay in shape and learn self-defense. Over the past few years, kickboxing has been marketed as a “fun” alternative to going to gym. There has been a rise of gyms and fitness chains that provide a dynamic style of kickboxing, where the main focus is on high-intensity cardio. This  trend has made it more difficult for traditional schools to retain and gain new members. In this article, I share with a few tips that you can implement to start generate and keep existing clients in your dojo:

Define Your Ideal Student

People train for different reasons such as: losing weight, training for a competition, to be part of a fight club, etc. Figure out who your ideal student is. Start crafting your marketing messages to be congruent and learn more about the ideal student and how to serve them better. You must really learn about your students. Get to know them personally and be aware of how often they show up to class.

Get Feedback From Students 

To grow your dojo, the instructor must deliver a great class consistently. If the classes are not engaging and not targeted towards the students you have in your class, the students will be less motivated and likely to leave. A great way to get feedback is to conduct a survey that students can complete. As well in your surveys, leave some space for suggestions from students.

 Have A Great Website

Below is a great list of questions to ask when analyzing your site:

  • Are your classes times listed online?
  • Are you listed in the local directories?
  • Do you have pictures & videos?
  • Are you getting reviews from your members?
  • Are you collecting email address or phone numbers?
  • Are you offering a free week pass to your club?
  • Do you have a weekly or monthly newsletter?

Generate Referrals from Existing Members

You already have a group of existing loyal members who enjoy your training. A mistake that businesses in most industries make, is that they fail to get referrals from their existing source of clients. Offer incentives to existing members for referring friends or family members. This will keep your existing students happy and be a great source for new students

Create Martial Arts Content Regularly  

Writing articles, shooting videos, posting pictures of events in your dojo is great way to let people know you exist and remember your club. Even, shooting videos is can be done easily, with the advent of new technologies and smartphones being able to capture incredible video and audio quality. During demonstrations and teaching have an assistant shoot some videos or take pictures and send it out as weekly newsletter or social media post among different platforms.




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