Spin Bike Buying Guide: How To Buy A Great Spin Bike

With numerous different models and multiple brands to choose from, it can become difficult to find the perfect spin bike that works for you. For instance, a spin bike that you find in a commercial gym will be a lot different than the one that is required for a home gym or even corporate gym. In this article, I go over the major components to look for in a bike to ensure that your money is well spent and more importantly that you purchase a bike that is suited for your needs.

The Benefits of using an Indoor Cycle

Spinning allows people to stay active, have fun and burning calories. Spinning improves your cardiovascular health and helps to keep a healthy heart. Spinning allows people to set their own pace while providing a low impact workout and strengthening their core. Spinning in comparison to other forms of cardio is relatively low impact. This workout is easy on injuries

Components in a Spin Bike

Adjustability of a Spin Bike

Most spin bikes allow you to adjust handlebars and seat height. Seat height should be around hips. Handlebars should not be to close to the seat, this could lead to injury down the road. It does take some adjustments to find your perfect height. Higher end bikes have micro-adjustments that can be made to seat and handlebars.


Indoor cycles will come with a standard universal seat that fits most people. Seats can be changed on most bikes to ensure that you are comfortable. Double-checking you have the correct seat height is the easiest way to improve your safety and comfort.


Indoor cycles typically come with toe clip pedals. They are cages normally made with plastic that allows you foot to go in and nylon straps to secure them in place. Most types of shoes can be used with this type of pedal. Pedals can be changed on spin bikes to fit your needs.

Premium spin bikes come with SPD clips that allow users to set up faster and get more efficiency out of their movements. SPD clips do require special shoes.


The frame is the foundation of a spin bike. Choose a frame that is durable and sturdy. Frames on a spin bike can not be changed. The best way to test is to try the bike and see how it feels when you are riding at different resistance levels.


Spin bike flywheels range from 30lbs to 50lbs. This range works well for most people. A heavy flywheel provides a natural and smooth motion for riding. The heavier the flywheel the harder it will be to get the bike rolling, however, once it starts rolling it gains momentum and it will take longer to slow down even after you have stopped pedalling.


Indoor cycles use two types of resistance: friction and magnetic. Friction resistance involves a wool pad applying pressure to the flywheel. Magnetic resistance is applied by magnets that the flywheels need to pass through.

Friction resistance creates a “whisper” like sound. On the other hand, magnetic resistance spin bikes are very quiet.

Price Range: $500 – $1000

Velocity Indoor Cycle  – $500  Velocity Spin Bike


Everlast Indoor Cycle – $599

Everlast Spin Bike


Sole SB700 – $899

 Sole SB700 Spin Bike

Price Range: $1000+

Sole SB900 – $1299

Sole SB900 Spin Bike



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